Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle

Product Description

Lavender Vanilla Is A Sweet Soothing Scent That People Just Love!  

Clover Lane Candles Hand Makes and Hand Pours the most amazing soy candles you'll ever find!.  

Premium-grade Soy that delivers a clean, consistent burn.

10% natural essential oils create realistic true-to-life scents (Store bought is 3% - 7%)  

2 Sizes - 5.5 oz and 20 oz

Burn Times: 5.5 oz (25-35 hours)  20 oz (100 to 130 Hours)

*Bonus candle in the lid! 

The only place to order these made in the USA Hand Made & Hand Poured Soy candle is right here!

Please allow Up to 3 weeks for us to make and deliver your candles!

$15.95 $50.00